British Bikini Team

British Bikini Team an ultimate bikini modeling team is now auditioning in UK for British Bikini Models.
    If you have seen one of our ads respond to it directly from where you have seen it or send your images to this
email for auditions.
We are an official Bikini Team of the United Kingdom this includes Bikini Model Search UK
British Bikini Team
Jessica, an elite British Bikini Team Member

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British Bikini Team Members provide bikini model staffing for concerts, functions, T.V. shows and car shows all over the world. If you have not been approached by one of our scouts, the qualifications are very stringent. To become part of this highly dedicated and elite team of bikini models you must be a born British citizen. British Bikini Team Bikini Models tour the world and represent the British culture therefore they need to speak and understand the English language efficiently.

If you have not been approached contact us with a full size photo. We will then set up an appointment for a video and photo shoot.

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British Bikini Models and Girls interested in joining the elite British Bikini Team send us an email:

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